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What We Do
Strive Business Solutions offers a suite of services that includes:
Utilizing a process based business model and tools, Strive works with clients to evaluate their organization, determine their needs, implement changes, increase knowledge, reduce conflict and create consistency to improve the foundation of their business.
As a result, client companies — regardless of size — can compete at a higher level and optimize their business.  They’re better able to focus on meeting customers’ existing needs and identifying new ones. 


Grant Writing Services: Tailored to Unique Non-Profits Needs

(A) Research Services: Tailored opportunity search services are performed. Results could help produce a diversified funding portfolio plan over time. Organization could benefit from a selection of opportunities similar to the following:

  1. Non-profit infrastructure grant
  2. Continuation of existing program grant
  3. Alternative 1 (new grant/partner/funder)
  4. Alternative 2 (new grant/partner/funder)
  5. Other business development options/strategies

(B) Proposal writing services. Working with the proposal team, we produce a Specific Opportunity Analysis Report (detailed below under item C), develop a proposal timeline, research grantor, research and compile/write components of the proposal, write the final proposal, and assist with submission.

(C) Specific Opportunity Analysis Report. A unique service we provide to clients to give them a valuable jump-start towards applying for a specific funding opportunity. Analyzing all grantor submission terms and conditions, grantor funding history, and the competitive market, we produce the following:

  1. Notice of Funding Availability Breakdown
  2. Organization Eligibility and Program Restrictions
  3. Grantor Information, Guidelines and Funding History
  4. Proposal Content Requirements (Mandatory)
  5. Other Proposal Content (Recommendations)
  6. Application Review Criteria
  7. Reporting, Payment and Audit Requirements
  8. Consultant Notes and Recommendations

(D) Review and Editing services. Proposal draft review, analysis and recommendations to strengthen the submission. Identification of proposal’s strengths and weaknesses. Comparison of a proposal against the grantor’s compliance standards.

(E) Post award grants management support. Program planning and implementation. Program monitoring and reporting. Fund accounting and payment processing. Etc.

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Training Solutions

Strive provides Training Solutions to help clients achieve maximum potential within their business and from their employees.  Services include training facilitation, course content creation, presentations, and implementation services. Strive has worked with clients in the public, non- profit and private sector.

Topic Focused Training (Partial List)

  • Business Writing
  • Evaluating Employees
  • Utilizing Processes: Why Processes Matter
  • Grants 101
  • Grants Management
  • Should You Be A Leader?
  • Leadership Skills
  • Effective Networking: A Process for Success
  • The Power of Five: Cost Effective Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Industry / Career Focused Training (Partial List)
  • Technical / IT
  • Construction
  • Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Human Resources

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Business Process Management

Ways Clients Have Used Our Services:

  1. To Document Critical Functions
  2. Develop Growth Strategies
  3. Create Succession Management or Franchise Plans
  4. Manage Internal Knowledge
  5. Reduce Conflict
  6. Establish Training Tools and Standards

Services Include:

  • Discovery Session (An in-depth company analysis)
  • Process Documentation (utilizing software based tools)
  • Post Documentation Audit: SWOT Analysis of Processes
  • Post Documentation Audit: Detailed Process Review and
  • Next Steps Report and Recommendations
  • Post Implementation Follow-up

Service Deliverables Include:

  • Hard Copy of Reports
  • CD With All Reports for Future Use

Package Pricing available upon request.

Contact us today if you are interested in Business Process Management.

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Product Focus: Visual Strategic Planning

What is Visual Strategic Planning?

One of the tools Strive utilizes is Visual Strategic Planning (VSP). This is a software based tool that combines process focused writing with concepts, data and visuals. Together this allows our clients to have a clear, concise and detailed view of where they are as a company and what is needed to take them where they want to go. It allows for effective communication among managers, leaders and employees. So that everyone within the organization knows what the road map is to lead them to success.

Why Visual Strategic Planning?

  • VSP is intuitive: Most people think and communicate visually on some level.
  • VSP saves time: It provides an effective process for developing strategic plans.
  • VSP is adaptable: So as your business changes so can your strategy.

The Process of Visual Strategic Planning

At Strive we use VSP and a six step process to help clients answer three critical questions about their organization and its future.

  1. What is the mission of their business?
  2. What goals do the need to have and meet to achieve their mission?
  3. What strategies and plan do they need to meet their goals?

At the end clients are focused and ready for success.

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